Our route

Now, first of all, I don't imagine this to be the most interesting read out there, however, I thought it may be worthwhile to list our roughly planned route and document our 'must see' places. Whilst I already knew a fair amount about certain places; Thailand in particular, the geography of others such as Laos and … Continue reading Our route

Three months..?

We originally set our sights on a three month trip around South East Asia, with particular focus on Thailand, Vietnam and, to further succumb to Rosie's need for "laying on a beach drinking cocktails", we'd finish off with a two week 'holiday' in Bali- Because the beautiful beaches of Thailand clearly aren't enough... The more … Continue reading Three months..?

From dream to reality

So I find myself in a position that I've always dreamed of being in. I had, however, if I'm being totally honest, almost accepted that it would never be more than a dream and I'd have to settle for mere holidays. After completing my A-Levels in 2010, I took a year out to work in a school, where … Continue reading From dream to reality