Tailored Suits2Photoshoots

We arrived in Hội An at our booked Homestay around 5pm, only to find we'd caught up with our slow boat pals and 'Ha Long Bay to Ninh Binh bus journey' saviours, Lewis & Shona. Before we'd even checked in and seen the room, the homestay owners invited us to join them for dinner as … Continue reading Tailored Suits2Photoshoots

Empty Pools2Market Stalls

Another day, another crazy bus journey. We left Phong Nha at 7am with yet another F1 wannabe and I arrived in Huế four hours later with a windswept, quivering wreck named Rosie. We didn't know much about Huế, or what to expect from it other than it was the capital city during the Nguyễn rule … Continue reading Empty Pools2Market Stalls

Bomb Sites2Bar Fights

Our last day in Tam Coc was a long one. Forgetting that we had to check out of our riverside bungalow by 11am, we had arranged our next sleeper bus to take us to Phong Nha, leaving at 8pm that evening. This obviously left us with nine hours spare, not much left to do in … Continue reading Bomb Sites2Bar Fights

Rice-wine Shots2Film-set Stops

Another bright and early start for our next excursion with a couple of our newly acquired friends from the slow boat. We were heading to Ha Long Bay, one of the main 'postcard' scenes of Vietnam. Ha Long is 90 odd miles from Hanoi, on Vietnam's East coast and is made up of almost two thousand … Continue reading Rice-wine Shots2Film-set Stops

Airplanes2Street Trains

I've lost count of the number of near death experiences we've had since being in Asia. We probably average about 28/day, if you include crossing the road, boarding any vehicle and eating street food. By this point we'd been in Asia for just over 2 weeks, so we'll estimate at 450+.  All jokes aside, it … Continue reading Airplanes2Street Trains

Ruined Plans2Die-hard Fans

As planned the evening before, we woke up in time to check out some of Luang Prabang city centre's top sights before getting the mini bus to Vang Vieng. The sights in Luang Prabang include view points, temples, golden Buddhas...you know, the usual. By this point we were feeling a little templed out. I'm afraid … Continue reading Ruined Plans2Die-hard Fans

Slow Boat2Slow Boat (Part 2)

I woke up early, before our alarm (set for 6:00am) the next morning, still slightly hazy from the Lao Lao whiskey shots the evening before. I rolled over and reached for my bottle of water on the floor by the side of the bed to see a dark shadow that resembled an eight-legged horse. I … Continue reading Slow Boat2Slow Boat (Part 2)

Slow Boat2Slow Boat (Part 1)

The final morning in Pai couldn't have been more out of character for such a chilled and relaxing place. We were picked up from the guest house by a motorbike with a side cart and marquee-type structure attached that somehow managed to fit Rosie, myself, both backpacks and our day bags in. The 'taximan' took … Continue reading Slow Boat2Slow Boat (Part 1)

Rented Bikes2Sweaty Hikes

We decided that our first morning in Pai would be spent hiring some mopeds. First of all we'd have to learn how the hell to ride them and then we'd zig-zag around the quiet roads to see the town's many beautiful sights and viewpoints. The evening before we'd seen a number of full day bus … Continue reading Rented Bikes2Sweaty Hikes

Muay Thai2River Pai

After a busy first few days, the shock of 'Elephant-gate', and a significant lack of sleep, we took the opportunity to have a lie in. We got up about 12:30 and decided we'd have a walk into the new town. Whilst the old town (where our guest house was located) was very nice, it was … Continue reading Muay Thai2River Pai